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Condoaddis.com is Ethiopia’s largest trusted online classifieds platform that conveniently connects buyers and sellers.

We have condominiums for sale and buy all over the city of Addis Ababa mainly and regional cities.

We have also appartments and related mortgage for sale and buy

You can find us located at Saris, Addis Ababa.

on YouTube—->  Youtube Condoaddis

on Telegram—-> Telegramn Condoaddis

on Facebook—-> Facebook Condoaddis

Phone no:- +251 913587955

with this number you can find us on Telegram. what’s app and imo

To Buy or Sell Condominiums in Addis Ababa look through this website www.condoaddis.com

If you want your condominium to appear in this website send us your house descriptions on girumyit@gmail.com or via Telegram https://t.me/natang2 or on what’s up or Imo by this no +251913587955

የሚሸጥ ኮንዶሚንየም ቤት አሎት

እዚህ ገጽ ላይ ለመሽጥ የቤቱን ዝርዝር በቴሌግራም https://t.me/natang2 ይላኩልን

ወይም በዋትስፕ እንዲሁም በኢሞ +251913587955 ላይ የላኩልን

ኮንዶሚንየም/አፓርታማ ባለ1, 2 እና 3 መኝታ ወይም ስቱዲዮ ይግዙ፣ይሽጡ!

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