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Obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus


Our family law firm, renowned for its comprehensive legal services, specializes in three core areas: immigration law, real estate matters, and commercial law, including tax issues. With a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide personalized legal solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expertise extends across various facets of the legal landscape, ensuring that our clients receive holistic and proficient legal counsel. Below is an in-depth look at the primary services we offer.

1. Wills and Inheritance

Navigating the complexities of wills and inheritance can be daunting, but our firm is here to guide you through every step. We assist in drafting clear and legally sound wills to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Our services include:

Drafting Wills: We work closely with clients to create wills that reflect their specific desires, ensuring all legal requirements are met.
Estate Planning: We offer comprehensive estate planning services to minimize tax liabilities and ensure a smooth transfer of assets.
Probate and Administration: Our team handles the probate process efficiently, assisting executors and beneficiaries in fulfilling their duties and claiming their inheritance.

2. Company Registration in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a favorable business environment, making it an attractive destination for company registration. Our firm provides expert guidance throughout the company formation process, including:

Company Formation: We assist in choosing the appropriate legal structure, whether it’s a limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that your company complies with all Cypriot regulations and legal requirements.
Corporate Governance: Advising on best practices for corporate governance to maintain transparency and accountability.

3. Opening Bank Accounts

Having a reliable banking setup is crucial for both individuals and businesses. Our firm facilitates the opening of bank accounts in Cyprus by:

Account Selection: Helping clients choose the right type of bank account to meet their specific needs, whether personal, business, or investment accounts.
Documentation Assistance: Guiding clients through the required documentation and ensuring all paperwork is correctly completed and submitted.
Liaison Services: Acting as a liaison between clients and banking institutions to expedite the account opening process.

4. Obtaining Residency Permits in Cyprus

Cyprus is an attractive destination for expatriates seeking residency. Our firm provides comprehensive services to help clients obtain residency permits, including:

Temporary Residency: Assisting with the application process for temporary residency permits, ensuring all requirements are met.
Documentation Preparation: Helping clients gather and prepare the necessary documents, including proof of income, health insurance, and accommodation.
Application Submission: Submitting the residency application on behalf of clients and following up with authorities to ensure a smooth process.

5. Obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus

For those looking to make Cyprus their long-term home, we offer specialized services to secure permanent residency:

Eligibility Assessment: Evaluating clients’ eligibility for permanent residency based on investment, employment, or other criteria.
Investment Options: Advising on the best investment options that qualify for permanent residency, such as property acquisition or business investment.
Application Support: Providing end-to-end support throughout the application process, from documentation to submission and approval.

6. Acquiring Cypriot Citizenship

Acquiring Cypriot citizenship offers numerous benefits, including EU membership. Our firm assists clients in obtaining citizenship through various avenues:

Naturalization: Guiding clients through the naturalization process, including residency requirements and language proficiency.
Investment Programs: Advising on Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment programs, helping clients navigate investment options and application procedures.
Dual Citizenship: Assisting with the complexities of dual citizenship, ensuring compliance with both Cypriot and home country regulations.

7. Facilitating Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions in Cyprus can be complex, but our firm provides expert legal support to ensure seamless transactions:

Buy-Sell Agreements: Drafting and reviewing buy-sell agreements to protect clients’ interests and ensure clear terms.
Due Diligence: Conducting thorough due diligence on properties to uncover any potential legal issues or encumbrances.
Closing Process: Managing the closing process, including the transfer of titles and registration with the relevant authorities.


Our family law firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services across immigration law, real estate matters, and commercial law, including tax issues. We pride ourselves on our client-focused approach, ensuring that each client receives tailored legal solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether you need assistance with wills and inheritance, company registration, banking, residency, citizenship, or real estate transactions, our experienced team is here to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence and ease.

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